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California born, Tarus Mateen, entered his professional career at age 12, making a three week tour of Jamaica West Indies. He opened for such greats as Freddie McGregor and Judy Mowatt. During the following three years, he continued performing in the states in the west coast areas. The bassist also did studio sessions for some of California's early rappers. Tarus on bass

With an early start in his career, upon Tarus' graduation, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Morehouse College, majoring in Music. Hitting that scene by storm, he began working the local club circuit, playing a variety of styles on electric and upright bass. In 1987, Tarus was a guest of Reggae stars Sly & Robbie, where he performed on upright bass as a solist - doing what he does, giving life to music.

His career sky rocketed when he moved to New York in the late 1988 to land a one and a half year gig with legend be-bop singer, Betty Carter. Touring with Ms. Carter and recording a grammy nominated CD in Europe and Asia gave Tarus Mateen phenominal road travelling experience.

As a bassist, Tarus' demand placed him with Terance Blanchard, whom he worked with and recorded the Malcom X original score and the grammy nominated Malcom X jazz suite. He also laid the bass tracks for the scoring of Sugar Hill. Tarus recently recorded with and produced a track for the daughter of Diana Ross, Rhonda Ross.

Look for Tarus musical productions and arrangements on the soulful album entitled "All You Need" for vocalist "Jaha" to be released this Summer.

More of Tarus's credentials embody recording bass lines for the upcoming Outkast and Toni Braxton albums, The remix to Speech's, "Loke Marvin Gaye Said" and the gold selling Goodie Mob single "Cell Therapy". Tarus is the bassist for the Goodie Mob who toured the US twice extensively with tfe Roots, the Fugees, De La Soul and Fishbone around the nation.

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Q drops science with tarus at the tommy hilfiger shoot   everythings going to be all right - stay focused
Q drops science with tarus at the tommy hilfiger shoot   everything's going to be alright - stay focused

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